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It's A Dog's Life can be purchased at

Introducing! It's A Dog's Life Canine Ventures by Belita Keaton. Live Adventures Not Available to Humans! Purchase your copy below at Publish America. Amusing short stories for the whole family. GREAT GIFT idea!!

 In MAY 2004 Lord Tricking by Kim Parson.
That's right a different name for a different line. This book is a Historical Adventure-romance. To read the first chapter go to,  be sure to check for contest.

Sept. 2004  Lord Sirius by Kim Parson has been released  This is a spicy historical romance. To read the first chapter go to  while there join my newletter to keep updated and make announcements of your own.

It's A Dog's Life Canine Venture can also be purchased at

ORDER while it is still availableType Belita Keaton into the search to go straight to the book's page.

Lord Sirius and Lord Tricking are no longer available for purchase at   I have been reworking Lord Tricking, doing corrections missed during previous edits and I am sending it out to publishers again. I hope to get them published again soon and availabe for purchase.  Until then I have a couple of copies of Lord Sirius left if you wish to purchase one from me.  I have them listed on

It's A Dog's Life by Belita Keaton. Comic tales for all ages. LIVE ADVENTURES NOT AVAILABLE TO HUMANS! Live awhile in the dog's prespective
PURCHASE YOUR COPY and remember my books when shopping for Christmas, Birthdays, and Special Holidays.  Thanks for Remembering.

It's A Dog's Life by Belita Keaton can be purchased at FREE!!! Free book marker, download your free bookmark.   go to the photo page to download your free bookmark No purchase required.  Best if printed on 80 or 100 weight paper, you can purchase at almost any store that sells printers supplies.  Of course you can use reg. paper if you wish.

Or if you prefer make your purchase at Barnes and Noble or straight from the publisher! Type Belita Keaton into the search and go straight to the book's page.
Barnes and Noble

Type Belita Keaton into the search

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